Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We give Thanks

We had the great privilege of being able to have a house full of family and friends for Thanksgiving.  A bunch of my family was able to come over and we invited some people from church over too.  We had a total of 17 people in our home.  It was a great blessing to be able to share that time with people that we love.  

We had a great lunch and then went to the movies to see Disney's Tangled.  It was a great movie and the kids sat through 95% of it.  It was the 1st movie that David and i were able to enjoy with the little kids.  They had a great time.  After the movie we came back to the house and enjoyed pie and coffee.  David and I love having people over to our house and we love sharing our lives with others.  We are extremely blessed and thankful for all God has done for our family.  

Our day started with a hot breakfast, lunch with friends and family, and finally a movie and pie.  
There was lots of food on Thanksgiving.

Yes Cynthia does look like that every morning.  The hair is wild!!

My mom and Lorenzo

Me and my sister Michelle

Doris, Michelle, Me and my Mom

Doris and Andy

Me and someone I'm very grateful for my hubby

Our friend Jeff

Jeff's daughter Madison-she hates to take pictures but I made her take this one.

Kids at the movies.  They all had a great time.

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