Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

I love Christmas time....but my favorite day in December is Christmas Eve.  We have several things we do every year during this time of year but we have had the same traditions on Christmas Eve since the girls were little.  David and I, even before we were married, were best friends.  We always went to the Christmas Eve service together with the girls.  I remember them being so young that they would fall asleep during the candlelight service, and we always have taco salad by candlelight too.  Yes, I know taco salad has nothing to do with Christ but it is great family time.  After dinner we always open one present which is PJ's. (I always tell the girls that we are not doing it anymore but we always do)  
We then go to the candlelight service and get home around 1am. 

 It is the best!!!

This year is no different.  The only difference is D and C do not fall asleep during the service.  We wake them up around 10:30PM and they don't go back to sleep until we get home.  
Yes, they are a little cranky the next day but i would not give it up for anything.  

Kristie wanted to have all the pictures with her glaring at her dad, I had no idea why

on our way to the church in their new PJ's

all my kids together....I love it!!!

Most of them love picture at midnight some don't 

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