Sunday, December 26, 2010

Zoo Lights 2010

We try to go to the zoo every Christmas to see the lights.  It is generally always cold and we freeze but it is tradition around the Livingston home during Christmas.  The lights are so beautiful and we see tons of animals moving around.  This year even Santa was at the zoo in the gorilla house.  
This year has been such a great Christmas.  The little kids have been so fun to watch.  They have such great imaginations and we have loved watching them get excited about Christmas.  
This year the Stephan's and Morris' went with us.  Darius loves to have friends around and we love just hanging out with our church family.  Here are our pictures from the night.


D and his Dad

We waited to our friends in the gift shop.  That is always dangerous!!

Daddy's little girl

Mrs' Claus 

Patiently waiting for Santa

Still waiting for Santa

Yes, it's finally my turn

Darius talked and talked

and talked

and talked

and talked.  This was the best Santa ever.  Santa never lost eye contact with Darius while talking to him even if there were 100's of people waiting behind us.  He was the best Santa ever.  

We left the Zoo very happy and excited for Christmas.  

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