Sunday, May 16, 2010

Being thankful for the little things

I think that being laid up for the past few weeks, 2 weeks Tuesday, has made me think about all the little things that I'm struggling to do right now but that I do with little effort when I'm 100%.  I'm beginning to see more and more things that I simply overlook other days.  Here are a few things:

  • Being able to pick up my little girl and hold her and kiss her
  • Being able to spank Darius when he is being naughty :)
  • Being able to take a bath not just showers
  • Being able to stand up in the shower long enough to wash my entire body by myself
  • Go to the store or in the car or just outside for awhile
  • Stay awake long than 4 hours (I just made it to 4 hours without going back to bed)
  • Being able to sleep through the night with out pain medication
  • Read a book and remember what I read (medication is good but not for memory)
  • Be able to have Darius sit in my lap so I can love on him or read him a book
  • Snuggling with my husband (enough said)
I am feeling better and can see small inprovements everyday.  They are just smaller steps than I would like.  I really want to be able to do everyday things for myself. 

 I miss going to church today, being 2nd Sunday I missed.  I miss work and the crazy people I see everyday.  I'm definitely an extroverted person and I thrive on people. 

In otherwards, I miss my people :)


  1. ...and we miss you! can't wait to see you on tuesday...even if i have to peek into your room to see you sleeping in bed:) love you!

  2. Your people miss you!! MPC is NOT the same without you.