Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To Love Their Husband Tuesday's-The Small Stuff

I have been following  Lauren's blog "Living by Faith" for a about a month now.  She recently started "To Love Their Husbands Tuesdays". 

She encouraged women to blog on Tuesday about ways they made a conscience effort to Love on their husbands the following week.  

Now if you know me at all you know that I love David with all my heart and try to show him everyday.  Wel,l the challenge was to STEP IT UP A NOTCH.  I love a challenge so here I go....

I am going to try and step it up.  My plan is to post on Tuesday's ways that I loved on my husband during the week, the good and the bad weeks.  It's encouraging for me to read about ways you love, encourage and support your husbands so please be sure to comment.   

In the book of Titus 2:4 we are told to "Love our Husbands" and this is something I want to be really good at.  

In the begining....

So this has been a difficult week to do anything extra or even the normal things I do for David.  With today begin 2 weeks since the surgery I'm still not feeling very good.  I have found myself doing more complaining than I would like. (This is something I'm going to work on this week)  Since I'm not even able to cook for the family it has been difficult to step any thing up, since every step I'm taking now hurts :)

Anyway, the one thing I've been doing is when David is sitting or laying next to me in the bed I make sure to hold his hand or snuggle, as much as I can with him.  I know, I know holding hands is all I got.  Yep.  That's it.  At first I was not going to even post this Tuesday but then it hit me.... 

Even when I don't want to or in this case can't do much to show my husband how much he means to me the small things matter a lot.  I love my husband and we have a great marriage but sometimes in the middle of life we forget about all the little things he likes.  David's love language is touch so I made an effort to touch him, even if it was just holding his hand.  



  1. I'm so glad you linked up today! I hope you're feeling better and back to your normal self soon! So glad you found ways to love your man even when sick! :)

  2. Love it Monica. And so sorry to hear that you aren't recovering as quickly as you would like. Can I bring a meal over sometime within the next week? I'll give you a call.


  3. You are such a great wife Monica!! I think I'll do this too. Thanks for the encouragement :)