Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Morning

Well its been 2 days now since the surgery and I'm doing ok.  I am very tierd and my blood presure is not returning to normal like it should.  The medicain they are giving me makes me feel out of it.  I want to take as little of it as I can but the pain is so much that I end up giving in. 
My husband has been a rock, I expected nothing less. He has slept very little and has been by my side holding my hand since I came out of recovery.   I finally sent him home for a couple of hours today to allow our children to see him. 
 I have been on oxygen since I woke up to help with the dizzyness.  My hope is to go home today, but that will depend on the bood presure stuff. 
I miss my kids and I miss walking normal.  I hope to get home soon and I continue my healing there. 

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