Friday, May 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home/ Friday

At about 8am the doctor came into my hospital room and asked how I was feeling and if I wanted to go home today.  I did not care about how I was feeling but I knew that I wanted to go home.  I had been wanting to go home since yesterday.  I realize today that it was a good thing  I did not come home yesterday I really was not ready.  Although it was tough today was much better.

I had my staples taked out before I we went home.  They had to use some strips because there was a place that was no totally healed yet.  The nurse looked over at David and told him to watch closely so he could put the stripes on if he had to at home, David does a lot of things but I'm not sure he will be up to that.  :)

I am so glad to be home.  I'm looking forward to not being woke up every 2 hours for someone to take my blood presure and check to see if I went to the bathroom or not.  The only thing I wish I had was a bed that when I pushed a button would go up adn down.  It would make it so I did not stretch things that I don't want stretched.

Today I'm so thankful for so many things:
  • that I have the best husband a women could ever ask for.  David has been so by myside every minute he could.  I am so blessed to have him
  • that i have been able to not take as much percicet.  I don't like the medicain that makes me feel weird.  I have been able to take the Ibuprophen to manage my pain.  I'm so grateful that it is working so well for me
  • I'm thankful that my mother-in-law is not the typical mother-in-law that many people joke about.  I'm so lucky to have her here with me to help me when I need it the most right now
  • I'm thankful for another great meal provided by someone who cares for my famiy.  I did not want to ask for people to bring us meals because i hate for people to be inconvienced by me.  I'm so grateful that I'm letting people help us.  It is a blessing to see how people care. 
  • I'm so grateful to have daughters that are willing to help out with the house and little kids.  Lakeisha has especially been such an extra help.  She know exactly how I like things and has made sure to keep those thing up and done.  I have the best girls ever.
  • Most of all I'm thankful for my health.  Although I'm not feeling very well, I'm thankful that God has been watching over me and taking care of me during these past few days.  

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