Monday, May 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Generally the Livingston's have for dinner whatever I think of right before its time to cook it.  This causes our grocery store bill to always be more than it needs to be.  I have sat down today and put a menu together.  I want to start putting a menu together so that I can cut down on our grocery bill and have our meals more organized.  

I love cooking for my family.  I love providing home cook meals for my family.  I love making thing from scratch, but most of all I love that it makes my husband happy.  He really does enjoy the small things in life....

Here is my menu for the week.  I don't promise to  stick to the exact day I'm cooking each meal but I will cook these meals this week.  

Monday: Fish Tacos, salsa, Guacamole, and chips

Tuesday: Potato Soup, and homemade French Bread

Wednesday: Chicken Tetrazzini, salad

Thursday: Southwestern Chicken Salad 

Friday:  Sourdough pizza, bread sticks

Saturday:  Mini Hamburgers, sweet potato fries, grilled veggies

Sunday:  Crock pot Meal

(I do plan to have some baking time this week.  I will bake my bread and any other bake goods we need for the week) 

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