Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

I love celebrating birthday's.....especially with people I absolutely love.  One of my favorite people in all Colorado turned 50 and we decided to make it a really special time for her.  It just so happened that her hubby was going to be out of town and she was going to be by herself for this joyous occasion.  What are friends to do in a case like this?

Now if you know anything about the weather here in Colorado then you know in the month of February we had tons of below zero weather.  It just so happened to be around -30 with the wind chill the night of her birthday.

I decided that we were better than the post office through rain, snow, sleet, and -30 degree weather we were going to celebrate Mr Donna's birthday.  

We went to the Elephant Bar and had a great time.  I was suppose to go to the restaurant and decorate the booth before Nickole and Donna got there...but I ran behind.  
Nickole with her quick thinking decided to stop for ice cream.

We ended up having a great time as we always do.  

Our waitress who was mostly likely under 25 and was amused by us old women who laughed and giggled for over 2 hours straight.  We had a total blast.

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