Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Hearts

I held a program at the church called Happy Hearts.  It is for preschoolers and their parents.  This is the first year we did it and it turned out great.  I love this group of kids so much.  I love the fact that they love their parents with everything they are and that crafts, story time, and some snacks can make their day AWESOME.  We had several families show up but due to confidentiality I will only show pictures of my family and a few great helpers that I love tons.

Daddy and D had fun coloring their craft bags.

Mrs Donna helped out with happy heart even thought she likes being behind the scene when it comes to the kiddos.  She is really good with them.

Ms Alyssa is expecting her 1st baby and she is just as cute as she wants to be.  She always is smiling and has a great outlook on life.  Her youth bring so much fun to events.  

She really liked doing her crafts.  

Love that girl so much.  

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