Monday, February 21, 2011

Saving Money

Now I try my very best to save money if I can.  I recently was talking to the kids at church and for some reason we got on the topic of hair cuts.  I was amazed at how many families cut their own kids hair.  I even found out that many wives cut their husbands hair.  So I decided that after spending 10 dollars plus tip I needed to figure out how to cut my sons hair.  Now I want to be very honest when I say I'm not sure I will cut Cynthia's hair when she gets older but who knows maybe I'll be a professional by then :) 

David went to Costco and found a really nice trimmer set.  It even gave me hints to how to do different cuts.  I decided to go for the bald look :(
I was not really happy because it ended up being a lot shorter than I would have liked it but its all even and he looked fine.

Darius did a great job and was super still during the whole process.  I think maybe he was scared what he was going to look like :).

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  1. Yep--I cut the boys' (and Kent's) hair. It saves us a TON of money. With JH growing his longer, though, I had to resort to taking him somewhere. I don't know how to do longer hair! I tried to trim him this last time, and that's why it's so short again--I messed up! :) Good luck! You'll do great!


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