Monday, February 21, 2011

Hiking and the Y

I have been working out tons lately at the Y and really wanted a small change of scenery.  D has been talking a lot about climbing the rocks.  I'm really not sure what spurred it on but i decided that after upwards on Saturday we should honor the boys request and take a hike.  I invited one of our favorite families to come along.  I was amazed at what a great climber both the kids are.  I'm really not sure why I'm surprised since they have been climbing on everything since they could walk.  

All the kids had a great time, even Nickole enjoyed herself :).  We even took our dogs, who go very few places with us.  It did end up sprinkling on us a few times but we really had a good time.  

Cynthia was so excited about going to climb the rocks.

Had to include a picture of my Dunkin.  He was very excited to be leaving the house.  Before the little kids he went every where with me.  I don't have the patience or time to cart 2 kids and a dog anymore.  

Nickole was not sure about this hiking stuff but soon found herself enjoying the moment.  The kids ran and ran and ran.  They were all very good and enjoyed themselves tons.

I forgot to take a picture of Nickole and just her kids so I cropped this picture.  It was not until I was looking at my post before publishing that I realized that Estella was still not in it :(

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