Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentines Day

I'm not a big Valentines Day gal.  I have never really cared for this holiday that seems to make, mostly guys, buy a ton of flowers that will be dead in less than 10 days.  I have a husband who brings me gifts all the time.  He will drop flowers off on my desk at work before I get there or bring flowers home at any given time.  We don't need a holiday to remind us to take time to say I love you.  We normally never do anything on Valentines day because restaurants are generally super crowded and prices have been inflated to make the gift seem more important.

This does not mean that we don't do special things for each other, but I'll post about that later.  

Ok, with that said this is a day where David goes out of his way to make his daughters feel special.  He always gives them flowers, candy, and the occasional  large stuff animal.  This year would be no different except for the fact that his girls are in Joplin.  The only thing this means if that we would be paying more money :) Since he would have to have it delivered.

Now David has done this since the girls were little.  He is great about making the girls feel special.  His goal was to let his girls know that He loved them tons, but there is another reason.  He has always said that when the girls get boyfriends that these boys will need to be special boys because they will not be able to sweep our girls off their feet with just a dozen roses and some chocolate, because this was something that their dad did for them regularly.  I love that.  My girls have a great dad.

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