Saturday, February 27, 2010

Family Catch up

Well, today has been a very good day.  I have all 5 of my kids under the same roof.  I cherish these days and love hearing the laughing that goes on between them.  We spent the day together just hanging out and had a great time.
Lakeisha had an amazing time in Canada and has lots of stories.
Kristie always has something to say whether its about pancakes she ate, friends, or amazing classes she is taking.  Jelissa tells us every aspect of her job, and sometimes I feel like I know everyone she works with directly, especially crazy Brenda the Canadian.
Darius is cuter than ever and has had me cracking up.  We went to the library for toddler time the other day, where he loves to play on the computer that reads to him.  For some odd reason he felt the need to yell across the library several times "mommy i don't like eggs".  I thought it interesting but just ignored him.  After the 3 time of yelling I told him that it was ok I would not give him any eggs.  As I'm checking out my books he decides to tell me again very loud "mommy I don't like eggs".  I just turned and looked at the lady helping me and said "I really don't know what is wrong with him, about 30 minutes ago he begin to hate eggs and wants to make sure I understand it."  Just about then Darius looks at both of us and says "I said that I don't like green eggs and ham anywhere."  I totally forgot that the computer was reading the green eggs and ham book.  I got in the car and laughed all the way home.
Cynthia has Madagascar on the Brain.  We went to Mcdonalds and she got a King Julian toy that sings I like to move it move.  She literally has not stopped dancing since.  We went out to eat tonight and see danced the entire time.  She has found her groove and she is letting everyone know it.  She has also found the terrible 19 months too.  She is not talking at all yet and lets us know her likes and dislikes by throwing fits, and yelling.  The very 2 things I dislike the most.  We are working on it and right now...literally right now @ 9:45pm I'm winning.  It really does not matter that she is in the bed :)

Well that is whats up with my family.  David is off until Wednesday and I plan to hang out and love on my family every minute I can.

Life is so precious don't waste it worrying about tomorrow it really does 
have enough worries of its own.  Tell someone you love them and don't waste
 good friendships they might not be around tomorrow.  

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