Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jelissa aka little me

Well, today is Jelissa's day in the spotlight.  I have always had a special connection with my oldest daughter.  She was born at 2 pd and needed her mommy's extra love from the very beginning of her life.  Jelissa has always been a mommy's girl, and just for the record I love that.

Jelissa is a very self motivated young lady, who sees what she wants and goes for it.  She has always been a little bit shyer than the other girls but seems to wear her feeling more on her sleeve.  She does not like to disappoint people and tries her hardest at what she does.

Jelissa has always been a little more maturer than others her age.  She looks at life a little bit deeper and with a little more mature than most.

Joe Joe, as we call her, will be leaving for college this August.  I have to say that I have told her, when she is getting on my last nerve, that life will be quieter and slower with her in college.  The truth is that her mom will be a lot sadder.  As I write this my eyes are tearing up.  Jelissa is my oldest child but will always be my baby.  My heart has a place that only she fills.  Now that she is 18 years old she is not only my daughter but my friend.  I love her with all my heart and will miss her more than she will ever know.

As time gets closer to her leaving I know that I must let her go but it will be with a heavy heart.  Jelissa mom loves you and I'm very proud of the women you have become.  Keep your head up and keep pleasing the God who created you.  He loves you even more than me.   : )
Love yah,

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