Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Potty Training and much more

Well as many of you know I have been trying to potty train Darius.  It has not gone as smooth as I would have liked.  Is it Darius' fault....No its mine.  I just forget to take him.  He is not telling me all the time that he has to go so I just forget and guess what....He pees.  I'm so tired of changing diapers but I forget to take him potty.  He goes every time  I take him if I remember.  So hopefully I will slow my life down so my son can learn to "be a big boy now".

Work is going good.  I have been bring the kids to work with me all the time now and this has caused me to become a little inpatient with my kiddos.  I struggle with wanting to work and get all I need to get done finished in a good amount of time....and stopping and being patient with my kids.  Sometimes all they want is for me to take them down stairs and play basketball, but of course I have my own stuff to do and a time in mind when it needs to be done.  I'm struggling with trying to do all I want to do.  I want to be with my kids.  I love having my kids at work.  I love being able to work and do what I love to do (teach kids).  Right now I'm struggling to do it all well.  Unfortunately it is my kids that are getting the cranky, short, snappy, mom.  

Prayer requests:
Jelissa is trying to figure out where she wants to go to college.  I want her to be happy and know where God wants her to go.  Please pray she has a clear direction about college.

I have friend in Africa who need some prayer about getting all their paperwork approved so they can catch their flight home.  They are adopting two kids but have five here at home.  They are ready to get home to the rest of their family.  Also if their flight is delayed it could cost them more money.

Keisha is in Canada and has not been able to call home yet.  She it sending emails to us but it is not the same. I am really wanting to hear her voice to know for sure she is ok.

Darius and potty training.

Another day at the Livingstons

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