Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ramblings of a Mom

Many of us had wonderful fathers as an example of what we might look for in our husbands.  That is not me.  My dad knew nothing about being a dad and less about what it took to be a husband.  Even after 38 years that is one of those things that I always earthly father, a God fearing earthly father.  

Well, my dad passed away 2 years this coming November, and boy that has been harder on me than I could have ever imagined.  It really hits hard when someone dies and you are not sure where they are spending eternity.  I have my ideas but I can't allow my mind to wonder there to often, it's very painful.   

I believe my dad loved me it was just in this weird way that only he really understood.  

As a mother I think about how much I really love my kids.  They are so very important to me.  I want their lives to be different from mine.  I want them to know that their mom and their dad love them with everything we have and are.  

This leads me to a new thought.  As a mom I try and say and convey my love to my children everyday, because I feel this is so important.  I want them to know that I love them no matter what, even when they make mistakes.  
As I think about my father and I think about our relationship it has brought something to my mind....
Just how important it is for a father to have a deep relationship with his daughter.  

This does not mean that Mom can just sit back and leave all the nurturing to the dad but that when a girl grows up it is the relationship with her father that will help her with major decisions in her life like....picking a husband.   

Your mate can be a huge determining factor in life.  We all want our girls to grown up and marry men who love them, protect them, a man who is the head of his family like Christ is the Church.  Picking the guy is big...

Picking the guy I believe starts at home with the relationship between a father and his daughter.  

I could blog all day on this one, I have 3 girls who will all be looking for mate in years to come.  Please don't misunderstand me as a mother we have just as much responsibilities.

As a women who has made my choice of big mistakes I want to encourage moms and dads to leave a legacy for our kids.  A legacy that they will carry on to our grandchildren and their children.  Remember that without Christ we can do nothing.  Remember to share your faith with your kids.  Remember to share Christ from the rising of the sun to its going down.  

Every choice we make is important.  

What do you think?  What are you doing to leave a legacy for your kids?  Have you had to break cycles in your family to ensure you leave different legacies for your children?  

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  1. Yes! I can relate very much to that. I hardly know my dad and my relationship with my mother is very, very rocky. Working HARD to leave a legacy for our kids - something very different than my experiences as a child. God is so faithful and good, giving vision to Bobby and I for our family.
    You are doing a fantastic job with your family Monica! Your girls are such a tremendous blessing to people. They have wonderful servant's hearts and sold out commitment to Christ. The Livingstons are producing good fruit!!