Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's goooooooddddd!!

I had the chance to watch Bruce Almighty again a couple of night ago and like the first time it makes me laugh so hard at parts.  One of the things Bruce says often is "that is good", however he draws out the word good, a lot. 

As I was getting my kids ready for bed tonight I begin to think about my life and different things that have happen the pass couple day.  I was rubbing Darius with lotion and like normal the kid was cracking me up.  Both the little kids are not feeling well so my man had to say home from church with them.  When I can home he had all the laundry done and our messy room clean.  Kristie came home this weekend and spent some well needed time with her twin, which blessed my heart tremendously.  Keisha, is learning everyday that life gets more and more complicated the older you get and  Jelissa is learning how to balance her time between what she wants to do and what she needs to do. 

As I was getting the kids ready for bed all I could think about is my life is "gggooooooddd", very good.  God has blessed me, until my cup runnith over with pure joy, to be his child. 

No David and I are not taken the cruise we talked about taking once our kids were out of the house, and graduated, because our cup is still over flowing.  Cynthia and Darius are a blessing I would never had thought possible, but my God knew it. 

He changed my plans and boy am I glad He did. 

Life is "GGGOoOoOoDDD"

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