Thursday, June 24, 2010


I can't actually figure out why some people do what they do or why some people say what they say.  

God created each of us in his image.  Why then are some people always looking to be like someone else.  Why are some so worried about what others think.  Are you my friend?  If not let me change how I talk or act just so we can be friends.  Dumb if you ask me.

Crazy right?  YES.  It bothers me so much to be around people who are not real.  If you are always looking for approval from others maybe its because you don't know who you are in Christ.  Stop looking for approval everywhere except where it really matters Christ.  

I might not alway be completely comfortable in my own skin but I don't change my personality to make someone else happy.  I am who I am, and God created me this way.   

I am changing everyday to be more like Christ and this is a great thing because it helps me to deal with those around me better.  I hope through scripture study and pray that my number one goal is to be like Christ.  I want to be who He created me to be.  I want to be comfortable in my own skin comfortable enough to say its ok if everyone does not like me, not everyone like Jesus either.  

I want to live life loving on others and telling them about my great God.  I want to live an authentic life of worship to my Great God not ever pretending to be someone I'm not.    


  1. That's so true. It is not fun or easy to be around someone who is not real. You never know if what they are saying is what they mean or where you stand with them. It's frustrating!
    Although trying hard to be authentic and live authentically, I find that I struggle with my own sinfulness still - in wanting to change THAT. Not my personality, but my propensity toward certian sins that I fall prey to because of my natural tendencies. Does that make sense? I want to reflect the goodness of God, and am well aware that too often I do not because I get in my own way. Not trying to be fake - just better. What a process that is....

  2. I know that I've told you before but I adore you. I feel like when I talk to you or when I read your blog that I know Tisha. I really like that. Youre not trying to be someone your not. You are who you are and you say it like it is, with grace. That is rare these days. People are so scared that someone might not like them or that they might not be someones friend that they start to dwarf into the person they are around. I love people and I love being around all kinds of different people, people who make me think, and definitely people who make me look at things in ways I might not before them. I don't want to be around someone who is changing personalities base on who they are around. I know this is a weird post but I'm so glad you read. By the way we were looking at times to get the families together let me know what works for you.