Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Go away!!!

I thought that I heard and saw somewhere that it was summer.  Well, apparently my kiddos did not get the memo that sickness is suppose to take a break. 

Not in our house.  In fact every kid who lives here is sick.  Cynthia started us out and then Keisha got it and yesterday Darius joined the elite group. 

They have runny noses, horrible coughs, fevers ranging from 101.5 to 102.4, and lets not forget the exciting diapers I'm getting to change :(

So, I get to sit on the couch with 2 very cranky kids, did I mention cranky kids,  and watch Barney Yeah....(not) 

Go away sickness!!!


Cynthia is watching TV.  Her nose has been wiped so much that it hurts every time we wipe it now.  Poor baby.   

Darius with his Dog pillow. 

Ok, no one tell Keisha that I took this picture of her while she was sleeping.  She has been really sick for 2 days now.  She was suppose to be going to Como with a friend but is not going to be able to go tommorow.  She is scheduled to go Sunday, to Como, for a week so I hope she is better by than. 

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  1. My kids did not read that memo either. Sickness is here too - the same type of stuff it sounds like. Not fun. Sorry you're going through that! Especially Keisha missing some camp. Praying for the Livingstons!!


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