Thursday, September 30, 2010


Are you a complainer?  Do you complain more than you praise?  Do you find it easier to praise those outside your family more than those inside your family?  
I have to admit that I look back on my day sometimes and feel like scrooge.  I serve a Great God who has blessed me and my family more than I could ever imagine and yet I find myself complaining.  I think know this is not the life God has chosen for me.  He wants praise to be on my lips not the opposite.  As I begin this day I want to be a women of praise.  I want to look back at this day and know that my children, my husband, and friends were glad to be in my presence.  I want to uplift those I'm around, not tear them down.  
This is my goal and I will achieve it :)  

Now to start homeschooling.  

I will definitely need prayers today :)

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