Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Livingston's Update.....

That boy is so darn cute :)   

Today was D's first day of preschool.  He had a great time today.  He worked on the letter B.  He is all about playing with friends so this is right up his alley.  Mrs Heather, his teacher said that he did very good today.  Mom was glad to hear that because he can be a handful.  Darius is excited about learning and is excited to tell mom and dad everything.  
I have been asked several times recently about whether we are still homeschooling D and the answer is yes.  He only goes to preschool one day a week for a half of day.  It is while I'm working so it gives him something to do and I get help one day with schooling.  

David and I have been loving how social D is and how well he adapts to different situations.  He loves people and does very good with different situations.  He started Awana's this week and enjoyed it too.  He has memorized 2 verses already and this Sunday will only be week 2 for him.  He is going to get his Cubbie vest and book this week so pictures will follow soon.  

Cynthia has had a great week too.  She started BSF last Wednesday and did great.  She has not liked us dropping her off anywhere (to include the nursery at church, where I work).  She yells and screams and throws herself down until I feel bad for the volunteers and go get her.  The past 2 weeks have been great.  I have been able to drop her off with little fuss.  I'm hoping that she is growing out of the fit throwing stage but who knows.  She has definitely gotten better but we are not out of the woods yet.  

David has been a huge help in our new "Normal".  He is getting up in the morning and getting the kids up and  feed before we all have to leave.  I'm not a morning person, ask anyone who knows me, so this is a huge help to me.  He is picking Darius up from preschool and having lunch with him before bring him to me on Tuesday's.  This gives him a little one on one time with the boy, which D loves.  We have managed to stay relatively sane during this transition period, which is good for everyone :)

The girls are doing great at college.  

Jelissa is doing good at her job and they have even tried to promote her already to customer service.  She is not sure she wants to take it yet due to the lack of flexibility.  Jelissa likes her roommate and they seem to get along good.  Jelissa has began to come out of her shell some and meet new people.  This has been a big answer to David and I prayers.
   Lakeisha is now working a chic-fila.  She was not getting enough hours at the ice cream place so she went looking for a new job.  She loves where she is now.  She has a set schedule and has tons of flexibility.  Keisha is enjoying her new freedom and is hardly ever found not doing something.  She is a social butterfly and finds delight in being with people.  She has chosen a church home in Joplin and has talked non stop about it every time we talk to her.  We love this,seeing to how Kristie was gone a full year before finally this semester settling at a church.  

Speaking of Kristie....she is still a very happy girl, who won't admit it, but has a temper. She has lost her temper a few times with her sister since they have been there.  She is a good sister but sometimes worries to much.  She is still figuring out how it all fits together with them being there.  She loves her job and had her 1st Tuesday tour last week.   Kristie is loving college and is always looking to see where God is leading her.  

So there it is the Livingston's Update.  Life might not go the way we hope all the time, but it's ours and we'll keep it.    

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