Sunday, September 26, 2010

What would happen if ?????

So I wonder what would happen if after your mom tells you not to get into the chips on the counter you decided that you know better and get into them anyways.  Yep you guessed it...the corner.  

With the girls I did time out and the corner all the time.  We did not spank because I have always had mixed feelings about it.  Now that we have a "boy" there are times when my cute little boy has to get his bottom spanked.  The corner is now a place he does not like to go.  He hates not being able to watch what is going on in the house.  When a momma finds something that works....she uses it.  This momma does not like sneakiness and I sure don't like chips hiding behind the back while we deny we have any chips.  "D" found out the hard way.  

However, while his cute little nose was in the corner I took this picture :)  Could not resist he is even cute while in timeout.  

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  1. I can't believe that you would put a boy that cute in time out. What could you and dad possible be thinking!!! If JoJo was their there would be no time out for him. You should not post pictures like this is makes me sad poor little guy he was just hungry :( love ya