Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weird week!!

So I thought I had my schedule for the fall all worked out.  

Sunday-D would go to Awana's
Monday- Babysitter for the kiddo's
Tuesday- D would go to preschool; Cynthia to the babysitters
Wednesday- BSF 
Thursday and Friday- I would home-school the kiddos

So much for that.  Last Wednesday something happened at BSF and I am not returning to that particular study at that place "ever".  Homeschooling has been crazy and I have had to revamp everything I thought I was going to do and throw ever expectation I had out the window, and finally after 3 weeks I pulled Darius out of Awana's due to this particular Church's lack of structure and volunteers.  

Our fall schedule just started and I've changed everything and to add to the craziness my babysitter for the kids fell of her horse and broke her arm.  It looks like she might have to have surgery, we will find out soon. 

(Lots of prayer needed for Stephanie she is in a lot of pain.  
"D" was very sad to hear she was hurt both kiddo's love her tons)

 So, as of now I have no schedule to really speak of.

Next year I might try the unorganized approach to the fall and see if things work out a little better.

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