Saturday, September 25, 2010


The day started off very good.  I went for coffee with my good friend Julie.  I love just sitting around drinking coffee and talking with her.  After that I went to Meridian to help out my friend Nickole with a party for her son Conrad.  He is leaving for the military on Monday.  We have connected lately as we both are watching our kids grow up and leave home.  

I did not get home until around 5:30 pm tonight and I was exhausted.  A friend from church gave the kids some toys that they loved having "new" toys to play with when we got home.  One of the toys was a Thomas the Train play house.  I thought from the looks of it that it was just a small tent that could go up in our living room.  It turned out to be a little bigger...    


  1. Cynthia looks like a wild Child. She's crazy!! :)

  2. Yes I know. I can't get her to keep her hair in pony tails. As soon as I do her hair put her into the car she pulls them out. By the end of the day she looks like that. Crazy girl!!!