Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Apple Farm

Cynthia was not out of the car 5 minutes before she found her 1st apple.

Daddy and the kiddo.  They still have their apples
Darius was not sure about picking up apples off the ground.  It was a perfectly good apple

Enough of the pictures..Let go pick apples and berries
Ready for the tracker ride :)

The boy with his Mommy~~I love this kid

We thought it weird that he quickly feel asleep.  We decided it was because he had talked non-stop from Colorado Springs all the way to the Apple Farm.
Cynthia decided that she loved raspberries.  She quickly figures out which ones she could eat and which ones she better leave alone
She got hot quickly and found her own shade!!

Darius woke up and we knew right away something was not right.

We offered ice cream from the shop and he turned it down.  That's not good.  Time to head home :(

Going down with a Blaze of Glory :(

I could not get his fever down and thought I would have to take him to the ER. 

I finally got a hold of our favorite Doctor "Mrs Golda", at her house how amazing is that,  as we were beginning to head out the door for ER.  She decided she could treat over the phone and will keep in touch over the rest of the weekend.  After following Golda instructions we finally got his fever to start coming down.

The Good News is I made this....
Raspberry Jelly Pan....Finger Licken good 

Homemade raspberry jam.  It tasted great.  We are all set for winter...bring it on   


  1. They look like they had so much fun!! I wish we could be there. we will have to check out some places here and take some pictures. We miss you everyday and I am wondering when spring break is for everyone. Ours is March 20-26. Do you think we could hook up or wait till summer. I think we will be in colorado in july.

  2. Jennifer,
    We miss you guys too. Not a day goes by when I don't think about you or wish you were here. I'm not sure about spring break yet. I'm trying to talk David into coming for Thanksgiving but I'm not sure yet. It would be less travel for the girls, but lots for us. I would like to get together for at least one holiday a year. Thanksgiving would be best. Be praying about it. I'm sure if God provides that finances we and time off for David we will be there.
    Love you tons,


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