Monday, September 13, 2010

Joplin Pictures

Darius and Cynthia are sleeping so I started working on getting pictures up on my blog from our trip to Joplin.  We really do like the town and feel good about our girls being there.  I took these pictures with my video camera so they did not turn out very good.  I'm still posting them since they are all I got.  Having good days and bad days with the girls being gone.  I was told today that it does get easier.  For that I am extremely grateful. 

We left really early, 4:30am, thinking that Darius would fall back to sleep and we would get several hours out of the way.  Boy were we wrong.  That boy talked and talked and did not fall back to sleep until around 1pm.

Keisha did not have a hard time sleeping
A park we stopped at for gas and run around time for Darius

Keisha in her dorm room.  She had so much stuff and she was on the 3rd floor.  I was so glad when her last bag was upstairs.

The house where we stayed in Joplin.  It was beautiful

I have great video of Kriste trying to get in this raft thing.  It's so funny.

He love Grampa Stan who was there in Joplin dropping Jessica and Luke off.

Darius and His Gramma Ruthie.  He loves her

This is a picture of Kristie's roomate with her brother Luke, who is a freshman this year too, and their mom Ann.

This is Kristie's roommate Jessica.  They have been friends since 8th grade.  I absolutely love that girl.  She is a great friend to Kristie.  

These are the pictures we took right before we left to come home.  I was beginning to realize that I was going to be leaving a huge part of my heart in Joplin.  
I think it was starting to set in for the girls too.  Everyone wanted to hold the brother.  He had no idea what was coming.  


  1. Oh - such bittersweet times, huh? Trusting that it will get better as each day goes by.

    And - - - that park with the gorilla - I'm meeting my mom there today to pick up my boys who have been gone for 8 days! So looking forward to that!

  2. Ok, so I officially misssssss them...chill with the pictures!


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