Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Call

So today the call came.  The call that I knew would come but I always wondered when. 

 I will leave out all names to protect the innocent.  

What call am I talking about? The call from one of my girls telling me that some boy is wanting to court her.  

Now when I grew up courting meant that you were just dating someone.  My girls have chosen a road far different then mine...praise God.  Instead of dating every boy that asked them they wanted to wait until they felt God was telling them that a particular boy might be the one.  

If while courting this young man they feel at anytime that he is not the one.  She can break it off but since you don't just date to date you make sure that this person meets the qualities that she has listed.

Well, I'm not sure about all the qualities this young man has but he has the approval so far of 2 of her sisters.  They both like him very much and have given the thumbs up.

Now this thumbs up does not come as quickly from dad :)  He is really wanting to meet this young man.  
As for me...well, its really hard to let your kids go to college and it's even harder to let them grow up and let a young man like them.    

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  1. Whoever it is, if he wins one of your girls' hearts, he will be a lucky guy. Even luckier if he can convince you and David that he is worthy. ;-) --jen


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