Monday, October 11, 2010

Can't be tamed???

Have you ever watched a video that made tears come to your eyes.   I watched a video tonight that made me think....a lot.  I can hardly believe what some will let their kids watch, follow or wear.  This video makes me sick.  
It is very hard to raise kids these day...even harder to raise modest and pure kids.  
Raising girls who believe that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by their creator and who believe that saving themselves for the man God picked for them, is tough.  
Raising a boy who does not have images of half naked or naked girls burned into his mind is just as tough.  I look around as I walk in the mall, walmart and/or while I watch TV or a movie and I see images I don't want my son to see.  

The world see's this 16 year old girl's behavior as OK, permissible, or just her finding herself.  I see this as a girl far far away from the plan God had for her.  

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  1. I saw this video a few months ago attached to a headline on fox news saying "Should Miley have to have parental consent to make this video?" I was very saddened by it as well, particularly considering how many 6-13 year olds run around with her stuff...lunch boxes, back packs, etc. I so feel you sister! --jen