Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pogosa Springs-Fishing

I got a Ipad for an early Christmas present from my boss and I'm sad to report that I can blog on it but I can't post pictures to my blog.  I'm so sad about this finding.  I already started uploading all my pictures on to it before I realized that it does not allow me to upload pictures.  This is a very sad sad day.  Anyway... this is why I'm so far behind on my blogging.  I will catch up and post pictures from my reliable PC. 

  Last week David, me, and the kiddo's got a chance to get away for a few day.  We joined a friend and her family in Pogosa Springs.  I have never had the chance to see the trees in full color.  I can barely express in words how beautiful everything was.  

We had a wonderful relaxing time in Pogosa Springs.  I stayed in my PJ's one of the days until 1pm.  The kids enjoyed playing and I enjoyed my coffee and PJ's.  David got to go fishing with "D" and they actually caught a fish :)

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