Friday, October 8, 2010


A day never goes by that this boy does not make me laugh by the things that come out of his mouth.  I love watching his eyes move around when he is thinking about something or when something puzzles him.  We have been sitting around the table for an hour having quite time every night with the kiddos.  This has proven for great conversation with my 3 year old.  

Darius:  Mom Aaron and Timothy are my best friends.

Mom:  They are, I'm so glad that you have best friends.  Do you know Darius that Jesus wants to be your best friend?

Darius:  He does?  But I already have a best friend it's not Jesus.

Next Day After A Devotion About Baby Moses :

Darius:  Mom does the king want to kill me

Mom:  What are you talking about (forgetting about our previous conversation)

Darius:  Will the king kill me like he wanted to do to the baby

Mom: (Light bulb goes on)  Oh baby we don't have a king anymore we have a president and He does not want to kill you.

Darius: That king was not good
Mom: No he did not have Jesus as his Best Friend and he did not have Jesus living in his heart. 

Darius:  Jesus is my best friend.

Mom: He is?

Darius: Yes and Aaron too.

Mom: oh that's really good D.  You know Jesus wants to come live in your heart and be your best friend forever?

Darius: Oh no mom, I don't want things living in my heart!!

I decided not to talk to him about Jesus living in his heart anymore that night.  He looked very traumatized by the idea of anyone, or thing living in his heart.  Today we got to talk again and I said that Jesus wants to be with him always no matter what.  "D" liked that idea and wondered if Jesus wanted to take a nap with him.  
I simply told him yes.  
He has been asking lots of questions.  It seems like he continues to think about things after we are done.  
We have been memorizing lots of scripture with "D" lately and he is growing closer to Jesus everyday.  

I was not a Christian when the girls were "D" age.  It is amazing to David and I to see this little boy's mind and heart grow toward his Savior.  It's amazing how God has put "D" and "C" in our home.  I know that He has amazing thing planned for my two small babies.  I'm looking with eyes wide open to see his plan unfold.  

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