Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa's House

We went for a quick overnight trip to see David's parents pick up pig.  Yep you heard me right pig.  We went in with David's parents and sister and purchased a pig.  The pig was cured and ready to come to our freezer so off we went.  Darius and Cynthia absolutely love their Papa and Grandma and they just love hanging out with them.  They love our kids tons and I enjoy watching them love on them.  My kids are so blessed to have them in their lives.  

David's Dad is the Pastor of this First Baptist Church.  Darius was excited to see Papa's church.

David helped his dad with a few things at their house.  While they were on the roof, of the porch, I decided to get the kiddo's out of the way and take a walk. 

He wanted to hold his sister's hand so bad.  She really did not want to have much to do with him.  
Darius "Why does Cynthia not want to hold my hand?"  

This little girl can make her momma's heart melt when she flashes one of those smiles.  

The kids had a great time at this small park down the street from the house.  I always love heading to Otis where you can walk around the small town and people wave to me when they see me and where no one would dare not speak when they see you.  Small towns do have their advantages :)

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