Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Estes Weekend

On My Way

I drove up to Estes with Anastasia.  We had sweet conversation all the way there and back.  We don't get much time just her and I,  but when we do we make the most of it.  We talked about every topic under the sun.  She is a young in age but has a spiritual maturity about her that make our conversations very rich.  Anastasia is a great women of God and I'm glad to have been able to be in here company for over 6 hours both ways, in the car.  

We also had a caravan going to Estes.  Mrs Nickole and Mrs Donna followed us up there.  There were times that they passed us, because there was a claim I was going to slow.  I did however hear that during these times Nickole's GPS was mooing.  I came to find out later that the GPS moo's when she is speeding.  
I have never known a GPS to moo, but I'm taking Donna's word for it :)

As we entered Estes Park we begin to see signs telling us that it was Elk Fest Week.  This is a big weekend when the Elk are bugling, their mating call.  There were lots of Elk in the park, and we ended up pulling off and taking a few pictures.  

Lets just say that Donna is not really fond of large wild animals.  I told her that they were use to people and she had nothing to worry about.  She later on, in the weekend, brought me a picture of a sign that cautioned people to beware of the animals.  She was very proud of herself for find that and proving me wrong :)

I did however get her and Nickole to take pictures

I was laughing from the very beginning.  We were not even at the cabin yet.  Boy were these women going to see a side of me they might not have known. 
 I did end up being a crack up, if I do say so myself, and I do.   

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