Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Home sweet Home

Well, vacation is over and I had to hit the ground running.  With Easter right around the corner I decided to cut my vacation short by a day and go into work today.  David and the kids came with me and I had David to work at the church too.  I'm sure he was excited about that.  
After getting some work done we went to the chiropractor for a family adjustment.   While gone on vacation Cynthia fell down the stairs and Darius nose has been running like crazy.  I sat in a car for over 15 hours and I needed to see Dr J the worst.  After getting adjusted we took the kids to the doctor to get ears checked.  Darius has a bad ear infection and Cynthia a viral infection.  Exciting stuff.
With all that said I'm really glad to be home.  We had a good vacation with great friends.  I have missed them dearly.  

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