Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Whose son is that??? He's mine

Ok, this is possibly the most embarrassing post as a mother that I have ever written.  1st let me tell you that as a mother the one thing you want for your children is do their very best.  I love all my kids so much.  I want them to succeed in all that they do.
Well, here is my story:
As many of you know we put Darius in Gymnastics at little gyms.  He was so excited the past two times that we took him.  He did not listen to his teacher very good which made his mom unhappy.  I keep telling myself that he is only turning 3 end of this month.  He is still a young boy.  He would give them about 3-5 minutes(closer to 3) of his attention and then he is off to jump on different mats, balance beams, ropes and whatever else he's not suppose to touch or play with.

There was one younger girl who seem to be assigned to chasing the kids (I mean Darius).  I could tell about half way through Darius' class on Monday, that he was not liking her to much and that she was not liking him either.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt,  knowing that chasing a kid around for almost and hour can get frustrating.  I have had the feeling of frustration while teaching when a kid is not listening and doing the exact thing you tell them not to do.

Where things went down hill...
They played a game where they had the kids running around jumping and rolling.  Darius begin to run and have lots of fun so much fun that he begin to push the kids as he ran.  Not only was he pushing kids but not one of the  4 adults in the room seem to notice.  I finally got out of my seat and went in the other room to talk to my child.  I then asked the adults to please watch him.  He gets so excited that he just starts doing things that seem like fun but really are not good.

After several more run over here and run over there the young lady who was tired of running after my son begin to get snappy.  Just for the record...I did not feel bad about the running around after my son.  I pay good money for my son to be in this program.  There are other children who are running around as well and have been in the class for way long than 2 classes.
Anyway, there was about 15 minutes left in the class and I'm sitting way low in my seat, embarrassed that my 2 year old son  was not listening and was acting like a child who had lost his mind.  Darius decides that he is done and tried to leave the room.  The young lady who has run after Darius goes and tries to pick him up and when she does he begins to kick to get down.
Well, kicking put us over the top.  The girl comes out and says in front of all the other 16 parents..."your son can now sit with you since he kicked me"

Ok let me say a few things

1.  Kicking anyone at anytime is not ok.
2.  My son was naughty and needs to learn to listen to other people besides his mother, father or sisters
3.  I have never been so embarrassed in all my life by something my kids has done.
4.  Did I feel sorry for this girl "yes"

So today I get a call from the leader of Darius' group to tell me that she does not think that the class he is in (the 3-4year old class) is the appropriate class (the one they put him in).  They believe that he needs to do a mother/child class instead.

As of right now I have no idea what we are going to do.  Why am I blogging about this?  Because I am trying to process it all.  I'm trying not to be the over protective mother.  I'm trying to understand what this young lady must have been feeling.  I'm also trying to understand what these people expect from 3-4 year old kids or my son who is not 3 yet.  They placed him in that class.  I did not choose that class for him they did.  If you  go to pick up a child that does not want to be picked up they can  1) throw their heads back or 2) kick to get down.  Ok thats the over protective mom coming out I think????

Anyway we have not decided what we are going to do yet.  So suggestions and prayers are welcomed.

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