Saturday, March 27, 2010

To Spiritual????

Is there such a thing as to spiritual.  I have begin to ask myself this question as I come in contact with people, people I love, people I love a lot, other Christians.  In every conversation is there a need to correct or to say would Jesus say or do that?  Interesting enough I believe in living out your faith, but when your faith becomes offensive or should I say "makes you look better than those you're around"  I believe maybe you 've missed the point. 

I want to be a person that is balanced.  I want to be a person who does not have to correct people for saying and doing things I believe to be unspiritual.  I would rather be a person who through my actions people can see I'm different.

I don't want to be the person who is all about quoting scriptures or telling you about how much bible I really know  because I want a person to change from something they see me do rather than always something I have to say. 

Am I wrong?  Have I missed the mark?  Do we go to church to just gain knowledge?  Do we go to school just to say we have a skill?

I'd say NO!!

If all I get is a bunch of head knowledge from church I've missed the point.  I need to go out and use the knowledge I receive.  If I hear about how I'm suppose to feed the poor and take care of the widows but never get off my fat butt to do it, I've missed the mark.

If I sit around and tell others how they need to stop talking like this or stop acting like that what signal am I sending.  Do I think I'm better than you?  Do I believe that because I graduated high school, went to a bible college or any college that I know more than you.  Lets not fool ourselves!! 
Head knowledge without heart knowledge is useless!!    It maybe a start but don't fool yourself my friend it does not make you better. 
Instead it makes you more accountable!!!!  Accountable for your actions and how you treat those you come in contact with. 

Those of us that have been granted GRACE better be the ones in the world showing much GRACE to others.  Don't sit around on your high horse spitting out how you think something sound be done, live it out.  Get off your butt and stop talking and start working.  Start showing the love of Christ.  We don't need a bunch of Christians who think they are better than the next person.  We need a bunch of Christians who know how important it is to stop pointing fingers at other Christian and Start winning people to Christ. 

The end is coming and I know that  I know people who will be going to hell if they don't accept Christ as their Savior.  Are we living with a since of urgency or our we to busy looking to see what other believers might be doing that we don't think we like or agree with. 

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