Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's next???

So I have been having a problem breathing for about 4 days.  David finally said enough is enough and made me call and make an appointment.  Well, of course the wanted to see me right away.  So to make a long story short...they still don't know whats wrong.  They gave me 2 breathing treatment, took a chest x-ray and took blood to test for a blood clot in my lungs. 
I have to teach tonight so I needed to get out of there.  They did decided to let me go home but sent me home with a nebulizer to give myself breathing treatments ever 4 hours.  I then have to go back to the doctor in the morning.  The blood test will be back then too.

So now I'm at work getting ready for a meeting.  And I still can't breath right :(

Hopefully I will have great news tomorrow.

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