Thursday, March 18, 2010

You're driving me crazy

I was for sure that I would be able to come home from a night with my hubby and have nothing but happy things to post.  
Now don't get me wrong I had a wonderful time with David.  Tomorrow we will be celebrating our anniversary. I am the happiest wife around.  I love my husband and he loves me and our marriage is awesome.  I found out that he had made me a hair appointment with my favorite guy (Kenny).  I was totally excited since I had been waiting for about 4 months to get a hair cut.  I found out when I went in that it had been 1 year since I had been in.  Wow I looked a lot like a poodle (poofy).  Anyways then my hubby meet me at the mall and we headed to Jun's (which is a great Japanese restaurant), where we had sushi.  We then went to see the blind side at the dollar movie. 

****Just as a side not...I loved that movie.  It is really good.  I have not seen a movie that was good from the beginning all the way to the end.  I thought about half way through that it might be a tear jerker.  It ended up not being that type of movie.****

Anyways it ended up being a good night...until I came home.  It seems that I have been arguing with my older girls a lot lately.  It is seriously driving my crazy.  I love all my kids and wants whats best for them but the attitude of ENTITLEMENT is driving me crazy.  I pray that one day they understand why we have done some of the things we have done and how poor we really are and yet how much we have given up so that they can have.  I'm sure that day will come, but until than I just want to continue to have a good relationship with them.  It's difficult when they don't understand everything or don't have all the details.  

So I had a wonderful time with my hubby but I must admit my kids are driving me crazy.  

Here are a couple of pictures of my hair.  They were taken on David's camera so they are not very good but Kenny did a great job.  


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