Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quiet around here

Well, Keisha is gone again.  She is now running around the East coast looking at different colleges.  Her plan, most likely, is to go to Ozark in the fall but who knows.  She is with her best friend and her friends dad.  They will have a blast I'm sure.  She is going to be at Ozark on Tuesday which means she gets to stay with her sister for a couple of days, Kristie is very excited.  

So that leaves David, Darius, Cynthia, and me left here at the house.  Boy is it quiet with just 2 kids.  Off to bed they went and it was time for mommy and daddy to do what ever they want.  I went for the computer and David is actually play a video game which he rarely gets to do without someone wanting to watch TV.  The absolute quiet maybe something I could get use to.  I do miss my girls a lot but this is definitely something I will learn to enjoy.  

As for right now I will just enjoy the peace pray for my kiddo and maybe even take in a few pages of a good book.  Its been a great day.

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