Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quality time

Well today has been a good day.  I got to hang out at home with the sick kiddos and love on them.  We just hung out all morning and even took a nap together. (my idea of fun...nap)  Then later in the afternoon I decided to get my baking out of the way.  We ended up baking 5 loaves of bread and some cinnamon rolls. Darius seems to love cooking.  Everytime I'm in the kitchen he comes running.  He loves to help mom grind our flour and make wheat.  He comes into the kitchen all the time and says "mom you making flour yet?"  I think he loves eating the bread dough which I think is gross.  Anyway here are a couple of pictures of our event. 

Sorry about the quality of these they were took with David's cell phone.  :)
 This is a picture of us grinding flour, Darius' favorite thing to do in the kitchen

Thought for the day:  As for me and my house we shall serve the all we do!

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  1. Mmmmm,mmmm. Your bread and cinnamon rolls look go-od! Sorry your kiddos are still sick! That's no fun. We missed seeing you at church, but with our ill little ones, we thought it best to stay home. Got your message ☺ Thank you.