Sunday, January 31, 2010

Church, sick kids, air band, apple bread = Sunday

Church:  Although I was missing over half of my family church was great.  I did not even get to go but had an amazing time with the kids.  I can't believe I get to do the job I get to do.  Teaching the kids on Sundays is amazing and makes my week worth every minute.  I'm so glad that I am hooked on my great God.  He captured my heart and I never want it back.  I hope I make you proud, I strive everyday to.  I wait for the day to hear you say "well done Monica, come on in I have prepared a room just for you".

Sick Kids:  both the kids are still sick.  Cynthia has been so cranky that her personality has change drastically.  I'm waiting for my sweet little girl to return.  I will update you on her arrival. Darius seems to be feeling better.  He has been dancing around the house all day and was very mad that I did not take him to church.  He woke up this morning as i was leaving and said mom we go to church today?  I told him no he could not go with me because he was sick.  He then asked me if he could go to work with me?  Tricky little boy.

Air band:  All I have to say is Keisha on guitar, Jelissa on the drums, Darius with the mic, and Cynthia dancing in circles all to "we will we will rock you" sung with out any music.  They rocked it!!

Apple Bread:  I decided to make 5 loaves of apple bread to freeze and have for toast at breakfast.  Breakfast is the one meal that I hate cooking.  I really don't do mornings very well.  I have tried for years to like mornings and the answer is "nope" still don't.   

Though for the Day:  Will I choose this day to show those around me the Love of Christ?  Will I choose today to love those that are unlovable?  Will I choose not to be prideful, not to be selfish, and instead be His hand and feet to this very broken world?    

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