Monday, January 11, 2010

New meaning to tired

The phrase "a mothers job is never done" is truer today than yesterday.  I had a wonderful Sunday with friends and family yesterday.  I went to bed feeling very fulfilled and ready to take on the Monday.  As I dosed off to sleep it dawned on my that 2 very important things were missing from my home....Jelissa and Kristie.  Know most of you know that these are my oldest two children who no longer officially live at home.  As a small side note they are both currently staying at home until 1) Kristie goes back to school 2) Jelissa gets a car so she has a ride to work.  As I laid in the bed wondering when my little girls might get home my mind begin to play tricks on me.  What is they had broke down, what if someone had stolen them, what if the next knock on the door is a sheriffs knock.  

Yes I know that all the scriptures that many of you are now quoting in you mind to tell me...and yes I started saying them all.  That really did help until 1:30am.  I then proceeded to jump out of the bed and start calling my girls.  After maybe 10 call and no answer I went back to bed and prayed.  

I honestly tried to lay this at the feet of my savior and rely on the comfort only He can give but my thoughts were not helping.  "Lord please just let them call".   I finally woke up Keisha and had her call the friends cell they were with.  

Yes the girls were fine, yes they were just hanging out have a good time, yes they were being the good girls I raised and not getting into trouble but I was scared.  I got on the phone proceeded to let them know that I was trying to sleep but would not be able to do that until they were home safe and then told them I loved them and hung up. 

The girls came wondering in about 2:18 am, yes I do know the exact time since I was starring at the clock half the night.  They get all their stuff ready for bed and go to watch tv.  I decided not to go into the living room and tell them that I could hear the tv in my room because I was just glad they were home.  That would be another battle for another day.

As I lay my head on the pillow the dog starts making some weird noise that finally upset me so that David got up and took her outside.  Problem back to the sleeping thing.  Oh is that Darius I hear calling my name.  By the time he goes back to sleep it is after 3 am.  Dog is now outside barking so David gets back up and brings her back into the room.  

My mind finally begins to relax I feel myself starting to drift into a nice relaxing breathing pattern when I look over at the clock and it says 4:02am.  Yes its going to be a wonderful day.

And maybe I failed to mention this part..I'm turning 38 on Tuesday.  I'm old and I need my sleep.  : )

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