Monday, January 18, 2010


"I'm amazed by you...Lord I am amazed by you...Lord I'm amazed by you, the way you love me."

I totally love that song, and truly God amazes me all the time in the way that He loves and cares for me and my family.

I received a call from Kristie today letting me know that she has received enough money that she only has a little over $500 owed for this semester.  This is amazing because we thought she would have a bill of over $2500.  Kristie was excited and felt like a weight was lifted off of her.  She has several families whom she babysits for and can easily make the money to pay off the bill.

We have had many financial situations this past year and yet God has been so faithful to the Livingston's.  I am amazed that God continues to love me and show His love even when I let Him down.  I'm amazed by you God..the way you love me.

"God's glory shines brightest in impossible situation" 

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  1. Praise God! He IS faithful! So glad she doesn't have to worry about that burden anymore.