Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Less than 3 hours

Well I went to bed fairly early last night because David had to go into work at 10 pm last night.  I don't generally sleep very well when David is not close by but I was not alone.  I had the cutest little 2 year old boy laying next to me.  He wanted to sleep in his mommies bed and I was not going to say no to that precious little boy.  Well, all seemed to go well until about 1:30am.  Darius woke up and did not go back to bed until around 5am.  He has had a cold for several days and because of that was having a hard time breathing.  He cried most of the 4 hours he was awake.  David got home around 3am and took over.  I was extremely tired and could not figure out why he was not sleeping.  During all the commotion in the house he woke up his little sister who was then awake for over and hour.
The one thing i believe God created especially for me is sleep.  i love sleep.  I love naps.  Can't explain it but I do.  Last night I did not get the sleep I needed or wanted so with that said I'm signing off the blog world to get some well needed sleep.

Thought:  Jesus is the only cure for my spiritual blindness.

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