Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet Memories

This picture was taken the very first day that Darius came home to live with us.  So Small...So cute... and an instant hit in our house.  He captured the hearts of his 3 older sisters with one look.  I look back and can not believe that he will be 3 in March.  This little boy has rocked our world and we are loving every minute of it.  I can not imagine out life without him.  God has truly blessed us.

This second picture was taken the night we came home from South Dakota with Cynthia.  She was so beautiful.  Her brother immediately wanted to show her how much he loved her.  Again our family grew, again our hearts grew, and again God blessed us.  Cynthia has had the best temperament of any baby I raised.  She was easy going and cried very little.  She now loves her brother more than he would like sometimes.  She wants to do everything he does and wants to be everywhere she is.  She is the boss most of the times and her temperament has changed to do it or I will yell, which drives me crazy :)

Sweet memories.  I never want a day to go by that I forget to thank God for my children, all my children.  I sometimes get caught in the moment and forget that these kids have been placed in my home for a reason.  i have a responsibility to raise my 5 children the way the Lord wants me to, because they really belong to Him...not me.  Wow that changes things.  They have been put in my possession for such a short time, although 18 years can seem long it is not.  I need to make the best out of everyday.
Thanks for entrusting me with these 5 very special kids God, I hope I don't let you down.

Though for the day:  
Faith strengthening comes from sharing my faith.  Who have I (you) shared your faith with lately?

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