Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well, the time has finally come....Potty Training. So lets be honest what do I know about training a boy? Nothing. If you don't open the leg right guess what happens? Yep pee come straight out all over the innocent person in front of him. Did you realize that you can train a boy two ways, stand up or sitting down. Did you know that a person can buy items that can be place in the bottom of the toilet as targets for little boys to practice their aim. When ever he hits his sister he does not seem to have a problem with aim, but with toilet training he has no accuracy.
So we have all the items we need: pull-ups, big boy under wear, 2 potties one for home one for work, a toilet seat that sits inside a adult seat, kando wipes, and disinfecting wipes and a potty training book that offers me no good information. I'm ready to go. Darius has been going potty ever hour for 4 days now.

He has had several ups and downs but the funniest story happened right at the beginning. We got ready to take Darius to the potty and as we are going down the hall I'm explaining what he needs to do when we get into the bathroom. he seems to understand completely. Darius sits down on the Elmo potty push out 3 drops of pee looks up at me with a huge grin on his face, with hands raised up and says "Ta-Da". Watching as this boy's brain develops I am beginning to understand a lot about the opposite sex.

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