Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bring it on

Kristie and I went to a self defense class today and had a great time.  We learned how to break a person's nose along with many other ways of stopping a person from touching you.  Interesting enough 2 guys walked in  on me at the church last Wednesday and acted very strange as they followed me around the church some.  Although everything turned out ok it taught me a couple of lessons and made me aware of things I have not thought about recently.  
Kristie and I were very excited when we came home.  We were wanting to show David all we had learned.  I would recommend everyone to take a similar class if they can.  I definitely recommend moms sending their little girls off to college to have them take a class like the one we took today. 
One thing that I know for sure if 2 guys walk in on me again they will see a very different women they say on Wednesday.  I know how to break a nose now...  

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