Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Raising Arrows

I guess it seems that I been blogging a lot about my kids.  Guess what today is no different.  I was reading a blog tonight that was taking about raising kids and how difficult it can be.  Believe me after 8 hours in my office with both my little kids with me I know about difficult.  I want to love bring my kids to work.  I want to think good thoughts about working at a church where they allow me to be a working mom and a take your kids to work mom.  I love my kids.  I love spending time with them, but some days, like today, I come home very tired and worn out.   

Then it dawns on me.  I'm not just raising kids, I'm raising arrows.  Right now these arrows can not go far.  I want to raise my son to be a light for Christ.  I want him to lead his family the way the Lord instructs him.  I want Cynthia to be a modest, totally in love with her savior, beautiful women.  I'm raising arrows that will one day shot off into the world to shine their light for Christ.  That is my job!  That is my God given, God ordained role to my children.  

Yes it is hard.  Yes is making me gray headed.  Yes I wonder sometimes if I'm doing the right think, and then I realize that yes this is my season, this is my life, this is where I want to be.

May the kids that leave the Livingston home be lights to this world and look to God for His direction in their lives as they leave our home.

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