Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm not Happy

Recently when my 2 year old does not get what he wants or when one of his sisters makes him mad he says with great expression "I'm not happy".  It's very interesting to me that within his short 2 1/2 years he seems to believe that it is our job "others" to make him happy.

I'm not blog about this to say that I should not do things to make my son happy, to make my husband happy, to make my girls happy, but I am blogging to say when we grow up wanting...needing...others to make us happy we end up living a distorted life.  Others can not fulfill the God whole that each of us has.  Without God in our life, without full reliance on God, and without looking for Him for what true happiness really is none of us can really be happy.

So what to do?  My 2 year old thinks that he needs to be happy.  I want my little boy to live a happy life.  I want him to look back on his childhood and think "I had a great childhood and I was a happy boy."  But is that all?  No, I want my son to know that true happiness lies in  his relationship with Christ.  True happiness comes from following His Savior and live in eternity with the King of King and the Lord of Lord.
Now that's real  happiness.

Thought for the day: 
Whose agenda am I trying to follow Jesus or mine?  


  1. I so agree. Just last week Noah said something about not being happy and his grandma of course tried to console him and I said, You know, it's not really our job to make him happy... I want my children to know true happiness and that it does not only happen because of my circumstances and the people in my life. That happiness comes from within, from God who puts it there and gives us the Hope that comes from knowing Him.

  2. I am so HAPPY you are blogging! ☺ Reading Life at the Livingston's makes me HAPPY.