Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

So I woke up last night at 4 am and realized that it has been several days since I blogged.  I am trying to blog everyday and keep a record of thing that have happened in my life.  With that said here is the jest of what happened the past few days.

FRIDAY:  Date night with the hubby.  Thurday was his actual birthday so we planned a date night.  We went out to see a movie that I will not endorse even if Focus on the Family does, because we normally NEVER watch rate R movies.  With that said we liked the movie theme, but not the language or the violence. 
Upward games started this Saturday so I was nervous about how Saturday was going to go.  After our movie we went out to the church to go over things and make sure things were in there place.  We got home around midnight.

SATURDAY:  Upward started.  It went very well.  Had the occasional irratation with people but over all it was a great start.  We got lots of good comments and the kids seemed to have a great time. 
I then went out to with Carol S. for lunch.  We talked a lot about how to make my office more Darius & Cynthia friendly.  I'm excited about all the ideas we came up with. 
While with Carol I got a phone call from Nate telling me that they were admitting Hannah with RSV into the hospital.  She is only 3 weeks and I could just understand what Anastasia was going through.  I decided to go up and sit with them at the hospital for a few hours.  I enjoyed my time and believe I helped give the illusion that time was going fast after I arrived, which helps when you in the hospital.  Hopefully I helped. 

SUNDAY:  Church was good.  Barry was honest and to the point.  He is a good communicator that I enjoy listening to him.  With that said it was a very difficult Sunday.  I know many families that are having many different issues and it hurt my heart.  I had a hard time.  I watch the kids in my ministry suffer because of adult choices and I watch many other adults make decisions that will affect them the rest of their life.  It is hard for me to watch and to understand sometimes.  I'm now adopting a new saying "I can't fix stupid", thanks Julie G.  Parents need to stop being stupid and think about there kids when they make choices. 

I have friends at church that I love dearly and I'm glad they are part of my life.  It makes these kinds of Sundays easier. 

Thought for the day: 
How willing am I to obey God when sometimes  He takes me to a place that I may look foolish?

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